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Only the finest Cornish fish and seafood

WHere we buy from

Flying Fish Seafoods has been built on acquired expertise, the trust of respected chefs and decades of experience. Our highly knowledgeable buyers work from dawn, every weekday morning, selecting the best catch from day boats from Brixham, Newlyn and Plymouth seafood markets.

Alongside this, we support local fishermen, who bring their catch directly to our door, coupled with artisan suppliers who source sustainable, speciality products from Scotland and the Rungis market in Paris. It’s really important to every single member of the team that we only choose seafood from the most respected and responsible fishermen, so we can all work somewhere that we’re proud to call our company.

All this, to ensure top chefs receive the finest and freshest seafood, in the fastest time possible.



Through years of refinement, the Flying Fish team has developed the perfect process to deliver fresh fish to chefs all year long, in 48 hours.

Buyers work from dawn selecting the finest seafood. An award-winning team works through the day, preparing the fish for top restaurants around the country and providing an approachable advice service for chefs. Delivery drivers travel at night to make sure certain chefs have fish on their doorstep at the crack of dawn. With many members of Flying Fish having come from the kitchen themselves, the team knows that fish preparation is a big task, and having fish ready and waiting for service helps chefs start their day in the best way.

Thanks to this fast and diligent approach, we’re lucky enough to work with some of the most respected chefs in the country today, and don’t take this for granted. We truly understand our clients’ needs, and just how important reliability is for each and every restaurant and chef. That’s why we’ve worked hard as a dedicated team to refine a service that now has industry-leading delivery times and the trust of hard-to-impress chefs.

01726 862 876
01726 862 876