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The ocean is ever changing, and that’s why we have dedicated and passionate representatives to advise on what’s in season right now for menus. We’re regularly monitoring catchment data to help you make the most up to date and informed choices. From tidal changes to adverse weather conditions, there are a whole host of factors affecting what’s best to buy at any given point in the year. Take a look below and get in contact with our friendly and expert team of advisors to discuss the best options for fish in season now.

Gill netted Turbot

It’s getting to the time of year when the spring vegetables start to arrive and with that the spring species start arriving, including Turbot.

By the mid April early May, the inshore waters off Cornwall will be full with these magnificent creatures, a true sign that spring has sprung!


Head over toThe Cornwall Good Seafood Guide to find out more.

Handline Wild Seabass

This time of year the Cornish Coast becomes full of predatory creatures such as these beautiful bass.

Caught by handline by Cornish Fisherman a true gem of the Cornish Coast.


Head over toThe Cornwall Good Seafood Guideto find out more.


Lemon Soles

A spring time species that live on stoney gravelly sea beds.  Perfect roasted as a single portion or steamed as something more sophisticated.


Head over toThe Cornwall Good Seafood Guideto find out more.

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01726 862 876