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The ocean is ever changing, and that’s why we have dedicated and passionate representatives to advise on what’s in season right now for menus. We’re regularly monitoring catchment data to help you make the most up to date and informed choices. From tidal changes to adverse weather conditions, there are a whole host of factors affecting what’s best to buy at any given point in the year. Take a look below and get in contact with our friendly and expert team of advisors to discuss the best options for fish in season now.

Cornish Monkfish

It’s pretty rare to have a Monkfish landed in Cornwall with its head attached.

Centuries ago Monkfish landed with heads on was deemed as bad luck, now these monsters sit in prime position on any menu.

To top these off Monkfish also comes rated as a recommended species with @cornwallgoodseafoodguide

Red gurnard

Not so long ago was used as a bait fish for lobster and crabs fisherman, or used as the main body of soups and stews, now feels right at home on any menu, showcasing a real taste of Cornwall.

St austell bay mussels

No external factors are used to grow these Mussels, which probably makes them the most sustainable and delicious seafood that you can eat.

The work and dedication that goes into producing these is second to none, Gary and his team really have created something special here….


01726 862 876
01726 862 876